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Early Voting Locations:


Early voting in Illinois started on Sept. 29th at Election Authorities and will continue

until Nov. 7th (the day before the election). Labor 2016 is emphasizing the early vote

option to union households to remove any obstacles to voting on Election Day.

Early Voting locations are found by election authority in the link below. Additional

early vote locations, besides election authority (county clerk or city election authority)

offices will open on Oct. 24th.

Additionally, Illinois offers Grace Period registration and voting. It has started and runs through Election Day. Those

wishing to register and vote can do so at locations authorized by the local election authority.

Illinois key GOTV election dates:

• Sept. 29 – Early Voting begins (at election authority)/Application for mail ballot begins)

• Oct. 11 – Last Day to Register to Vote (except Grace Period)

• Oct. 12 – First Day for Grace Period Registration and Voting

• Oct. 24 – First Day for Early Voting at permanent polling places other than election authority.

Polling places are to be open Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

• Nov. 3 – Last Day for the election authority to receive application by mail for vote by mail ballot.

• Nov. 7 – Last Day for request a vote by mail ballot in person at election authority.

• Nov. 7 – Early Voting ends

• Nov. 8 – Last Day for Grace Period Registration and Voting (same day registration-voting)

• Nov. 8 – Election Day

Early Voting Locations:



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