INSTALL Chicago First in UBC for Protect-All Certification

INSTALL Chicago first in UBC for Protect-All Certification


Oscoda Plastics, manufacturer of Protect-All Flooring, chose the INSTALL Chicago Team to become the first 2nd party to provide their Certification Program.


Protect-All Commercial Flooring is slip-resistant flooring, manufactured from 100% pre-consumer recycled content.  Uses include commercial kitchens, cafeterias, healthcare, fitness rooms, veterinarian offices, etc.  When installed properly, it is impervious to water, and containments.


Its unique properties, and installation guidelines, require for warranty purposes, that all installers must take an intense 2-day Certification process.  This includes classroom and hands on.  Attendees are instructed in on-site conditions, proper adhesives, installation techniques, seaming procedures, and maintenance.  In the past this was held only at the Protect-All manufacturing plant in Oscoda Michigan.


Protect-All, an endorser of the INSTALL Program came to Chicago to provide their Certification for 5 INSTALL Professional’s, representing 2 INSTALL Warranty Contractors, along with the Local 1185 Floor Covering Instructors.  When completed the 1185 Instructors will be able to conduct this Certification Process themselves.  This is a first for Oscoda Plastics, and Protect-All.


“We feel Chicago is a great market for our product” said Jim Demmeka, Protect-All Technical Sales Representative, “as a supporter of the INSTALL Program, we thought who else would be better to handle this for our company, we chose Chicago first because of the high quality contractors, and their installers”.  “As our market share increases, INSTALL offers a great opportunity to effectively provide the Training that’s required, ensuring our customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed.”

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